My New Orange Scarf.

Remember the orange yarn I bought at the Fall Fiber Festival?  I finished the scarf I knit for myself out of it this weekend.  I promise, it’s not as glowing as it is in that photo.  Although it is pretty darn orange.  And pretty soft.  And pretty much just right.
The pattern is this from  I’m on Ravelry, but honestly, it’s just one more website for me to keep up with, like Goodreads, which I’m also on and completely neglectful of.  Occasionally I will remember to look on those websites for ideas, but I spend more time tracking down where I wrote my log-ins than I ever actually spend on the sites.  Sigh. 
Do you know about  I love it.  LOVE it.  I have gotten alot of ideas and patterns from there.  It never steers me wrong. 
The scarf.  It’s bamboo yarn and incredibly soft to the touch.  It knit up pretty easily.  I only had 2 balls of yarn, so I didn’t make it as wide as the pattern called for, nor did it turn out as long. I didn’t gauge it, I just played around until I liked how it looked and then hoped I had enough.  When I got to the end of the first ball, I measured the length to make sure it would be as long as I wanted.  I’ve been known to knit and reknit scarves until they are *just* right using this highly scientific method.
I made some progress on the scarf I started for Edie too.
Lots of football viewing makes for getting a lot of knitting done. And our Thanksgiving weekend was definitely in excess of that activity.

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