Living History.

This morning there was a ceremony to unveil a historic marker in front of my daughter’s school.  The school closed in September of 1958 rather than integrate.  This was part of the movement
 known as  ‘Massive Resistance’
The school reopened in February of 1959
and in September of that year,
the “Venable Nine” walked up the front steps
 and into the school that had previously been off limits to them.

The steps my daughter’s class stood on
and sang in honor of them this morning.
 I’m not sure she entirely understands how
different the world was then. 
Six of the original ‘Venable Nine’ were in attendance this morning. 
Charles E. Alexander brought his mother, for as they all took a turn at a few words, each of them pointed out, it wasn’t them that decided they should attend Venable, it was their parents.
That is who they wanted to celebrate today – their parents.
 It was a good reminder that it is our jobs as parents to push our kids to change the world .

It can happen – look at them. 

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