How did that happen?

Last week (and the week before that too actually) got completely out of my control.   Although I managed to stay on top of my to-do list and handle all the kinks that got thrown in, there wasn’t much time for things like goofing off, or picture taking or blogging…….    I could sit here and list what’s kept me busy, but it’s not very interesting.  Being PTO secretary, a Girl Scout Leader and a soccer mom took up most of my time, which then leads to me to navel gaze and wonder how the heck that happened to me.  I swore I was never ever getting involved in the PTO….and here I am…..And soccer.  I’ve whined a few times on here about how I really can’t stand soccer.  How I refuse to be a so-called soccer mom and yet I hear I’m actually one of the worst ones out there.   I comfort myself with the  fact that at least I don’t drive a mini-van. 

I blame motherhood for all of these developments in my life.  And a husband who says, “We are those sort of parents.”.  Sigh.  What can you do?  Not be that sort of person? I don’t know how, it’s hard wired into me.  I see something that needs to be done and I work to make sure it gets done, even if that means doing it myself.  That’s at least my excuse for PTO and Girl Scouts.  Soccer?  Well, Edie loves it.  So I just grin and bear it.  And try to not let her know how much I don’t like it.  Clearly, I’m pulling it off.

Already this week doesn’t look quite so busy.  For starters, Edie is sick again.  Her strep test at the doctor’s was negative this morning, but you can look at her and tell she doesn’t feel good.  And it’s my birthday, so I’ve already decided things we’re not doing because we need to have more fun instead.

And if it’s not fun, I really don’t think we should do it.  Sure, there are things you have to do that aren’t always fun (cleaning bathrooms), but you can always find a way to make it fun, yes?  So, this week, we are going to have more fun.  Just for kicks, I commissioned myself a custom crown from Royal Revolution.  I think I’ll wear it while I clean the house today…. That will make it fun, yes?

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