(Mis)Adventures in Gardening, August Edition

This is the state of my garden.  Slightly overgrown, slightly unkempt…

Some hints of yellow here & there from the recent dry spell (and the fact that it’s August), along with some holes from the insane microburst we had on Sunday that tore some of my plants in two.  I’ve neglected my garden here lately, neglected documenting it as well as weeding and sometimes even watering it.   You see, while it looks luscious and fruitful, the neighborhood squirrels have feasted off of most of the bounty of it. (I’ve talked much of this, both here, in person and on Facebook).   Despite our efforts to hold them off, at one point, they had stripped EVERY tomato plant of every green tomato.  Even the smallest ones.  The squash never did do much, sucumbing to the squash bug way too early in the season. I went with bush beans instead of pole beans this year and remembered why I prefer to grow pole beans – they yield more.  Much more.

My peppers have done well though.  That red one is my first pimento pepper, not quite ready to pick.  I think another day and it will be fully red and ready.  I have visions of making pimento cheese with my own peppers this year.  (I’m a cow away from making it completely homemade!).  My tomatillo plants are hearty and starting to fruit up nicely.  The brussel sprouts I planted last spring that I thought would just be a spring crop (turns out they can go for a loooonnnnnggg time) are looking good.  Good to the point where Edie is talking about how good they are going to be roasted.  I still have some chard and some kale that have weathered the heat beautifully.  The new sage & thyme plants I planted this year have taken off.  The fennel I planted is doing nicely too.  And bonus, I discovered a volunteer golden cherry tomatillo (also known as a pineapple tomatillo) plant!  I harvested some seeds from some last summer and while they sprouted up, they never did anything this year.  I was quite pleased to find it, as we really enjoyed them last year and were bummed to think we wouldn’t get them.  They were a most pleasant surprise.

While my kitchen counters haven’t been overcome by my tomatoes,  I have been lucky enough to have generous friends share their bounty, so that we have still been able to eat homegrown tomato sandwiches for as many meals a day as we care to.  Thankfully, tomato plants have growing season, and the blooms I saw a few weeks ago are now green tomatoes that are weighing down my plants again.  And I got to pick a red one yesterday!!!  A very small grape one, but, a red one nonetheless.  Perhaps the battle has turned in my favor?  One can only hope…..

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