Pretty garden pictures and life lessons.

The most perfect strawberry and my first tomato in the morning light.

I finally got out there and finished the last of my spring planting.  While I was dumping my weed bucket in a far off corner of the yard, I decided to yank out what I know is a weed.  Which lead to pulling out handfuls of roots, as Pat had recently mowed everything down for our big bash. It’s much easier to clear that way you know.   Of course I was barehanded, I only wear gloves when I’m using a shovel or hoe or anything that might callous my hands.  Of course I wrestled a root or two and of course I now have poison ivy on my forearms, behind my knees (where I wrestled the viney root out of the ground) and in between my fingers.  Of course my cold has gotten worse and is being aggravated by allergies, so I’m officially miserable.

One of these days, I will learn to wear gloves when I pull strange things out of the ground.  One of these days I will learn what poison ivy looks like.  At least I’ve learned to resist the urge to scratch the poison…..

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