It’s been a weekend full of impromptu gatherings with friends, new and old, complete with bonfires.

Found a new local cheese, Italian cheddar, that paired with some baguette and a nice, big bottle of red is a meal in itself.

Edie scored her first goal of the season in her team’s victory Saturday morning. She scored from a defensive position, halfway across the field.  It was one of those glorious, slow motion scenes that is in movies.  Every girl on the field just stopped and watched that ball roll, halfway across the field, into the goal box.  And then our girls erupted in cheers.  Definitely proud mama moment.

After a week of rain that took us from a deficit of several inches to a surplus of several inches, the sun came out yesterday and dried everything out.

I’ve managed to get some cherries from our tree this year, while sitting back and watching the robins and the squirrels battle it out for their own shares. That squirrel has done something to really tick off that robin, because that robin divebombs it every chance it gets.  I’ve had way too much fun watching that scene over and over this week.

I took off for a walk down the street with a friend yesterday afternoon, beer in hand, only to wander home with a new found friend and neighbor, who decided that since I walked down the street with an open beer, I must be okay(or something like that).  So I brought him home to meet the family. 

Had another neighbor share cookies that she had acquired at another house on her walk in the neighborhood.  She had made a few new friends on her walk too.  Must have been something in the air yesterday.  Or maybe it’s just our neighborhood is like that.

Edie spent the better part of the afternoon running back & forth between the house and the park. Part of me was sad I didn’t have to tag along and part of me was quite pleased that I no longer have to schlep back & forth between my house and the park.

I’ve had several really great chats with friends, bouncing ideas off people, figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. I am surrounded by so many supportive people, it’s amazing and overwhelming and comforting, all at the same time.

It’s been the kind of weekend that when we crawled into bed at 10 pm Saturday night, exhausted, Pat said it had been a perfect kind of day.

It most certainly has been the kind of weekend that reminds how thankful I am for all the small blessings we have. 

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