May is a minefield.

Life changing events, both good and bad, seem to happen to me the month of May. We got married in May, found out we were expecting what turned out to be Edie, I lost my father and my best friend in the month of May. 
This one is no different.  Already the idea that I’ll remain unscathed is gone.  Due to a immediate cut in funding to the agency that employs me, as a result of the Federal Budget that recently passed, I lost my job today. 
For now, this means that instead of figuring out what to do with Edie all summer, I’ll be spending that time with her and enjoying it.  I’ll work in my garden, hang out at the pool, visit with family, work on the cookbook I’ve been writing, and maybe even clean my house.  I feel good about this actually, like there is some really great opportunity about to come knocking.  Which is good, because I’d really rather it not come down to having to clean the house.

4 thoughts on “May is a minefield.

  1. Tracey says:

    I totally agree. Your attitude is indeed awesome. Enjoy the summer and then enjoy the next cool thing/job that comes into your life.

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