Current Happy List

Things that are currently making me happy:

  • The front porch smelling like lily of the valley, thanks to the blooming patch next to it. 
  • Noticing what’s grown and what’s bloomed since my morning garden walk during my afternoon garden walk (and vice versa).
  • Being able to grab fresh greens and fresh herbs out of the garden every night for dinner.
  • Running out and grabbing a few pieces of lettuce for sandwiches as I pack lunches in the morning.
  • Baby peaches, cherries, strawberries and blueberries on their various plants and trees.  Now to get them before the critters…..
  • Impromptu happy hours with neighbors and getting to know new (to us) ones.
  • Continuing traditions with old neighbors.
  • That golden glow in the afternoons.
  • Leaves on the trees that sprung out during the rain the other night.
  • The fact that every weekend I have a 3 day weekend.
  • Every plant species in the front left bed under Edie’s window is blooming at once.  Creeping phlox, wild geraniums, may apples, trillium and lily of the valley.  It’s divine.
  • The ‘side of the road’ garden that I’ve been working on for a good 8 years is finally coming together.  It started as a ‘5 year plan’ that turned into a ’10 year plan’ and has been a true lesson in patience. 
  • Several friends cleaning out their closets, resulting in new clothes and new shoes (!) for me!
  • Local asparagus is in at Reid’s Market.
  • Our family and friends in Alabama made it through the storms intact.
  • Despite starting the week feeling slightly overwhelmed by my to-do list and wondering if I could make it all happen, I did indeed do so and still found time to relax about it. I am learning to just let it go.  What a great feeling.  I should have figured this out years ago.

 Happy Weekend Everyone!

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