Not feeling so crafty.

I hear quite a bit that I’m crafty. I do like to make things, but more and more, I feel like I come up with great ideas and then just never come through with the finish of them. Either I lose my motivation or I just don’t have the time and energy. Being a mom takes up a good bit of my time. And now that it’s spring, I have to be outside doing something every chance I get, no matter how chilly or gray. The sort of yard work that is happening right now is not anything glamorous. It’s pulling the early weeds. Raking the leaves I didn’t get last fall. Fertilizing, cutting back, spreading compost and manure.  Figuring out what I want to plant and what I want to move.  (I do love to rearrange my yard.) This week, I think I knitted two rows at best on Pat’s sweater.  We had a girl scout meeting.  I baked a cake for the Spring Fair at school.  We had two impromptu dinner parties with neighbors.  We are dog sitting this week, a wonderful old, zen dog, considering him an audition for a real dog, so there’s been quite a few walks and just ‘take the dog out’ breaks.  I finally got laundry caught up, now it needs to be put away. Edie & I have pulled out our warm weather wardrobe and started putting the cold weather clothes away until next fall.  There’s been other things going on that I don’t want to mention here just yet, but stay tuned….. we’ve been busy.  And I look around at the mess my house is and just feel overwhelmed at what still needs to be done.  I probably do a need a day where I throw it all out the window and just make something for the sake of making something.  This weekend it’s supposed to be chilly – snow is even in the forecast.  Our glorious tulip magnolia tree is in full bloom and last night’s frost turned it from pink to brown. 

It happens more years than not.  *sigh*.  It was glorious while it lasted. I really cannot take a picture to do justice to that tree.  It’s on the corner and you can see it for at least a block in either direction.  It’s the first thing to bloom on a large scale and really announces “SPRING!” around here.  
Last weekend it was 70 and divine.  I got a wee bit too much sun on my nose actually. I’ve lived in Virginia long enough to know that March means you can still have a snowstorm before it’s all said and done.  I knew it could happen….I’m hoping to harness it and get some crafty time to myself.  You know, start living up to my reputation. 

One thought on “Not feeling so crafty.

  1. Tracey says:

    Crafty times ebb and flow here, too. I haven't even really read a book in a month. Too much video watching and baking. It is that transitional time – things will kick in again, as they always do, right?

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