Lazy weekend.

It feels so nice to have a weekend where we get to stay home and do nothing.  We haven’t had one in a while, so this one was much appreciated.  This past week has been, well, rough to put it nicely.   Work had a lovely, unexpected rush of folks who wanted to sign up and volunteer.  Not a problem at all there really, it just kept me on my toes.  On the homefront, there was some Girl Scout drama and some school drama that I really could have done without.  My house pretty much looks like a tornado whipped through and I just don’t care.  I’ve spent a big chunk of the weekend curled up knitting and ignoring the mess and the to-do list.    Pat’s sweater officially got started.  Knitting really is just so relaxing and after a week of go go go, it’s been nice to just sit.  And not get dressed.  Thank goodness I have neighbors who understand I’m liable to wander down for a late morning cup of coffee still in my pj’s on a Sunday and invite me in.

Today I thought I’d whip up a pot of vegetable soup.  I started with the usual onions, garlic, celery and carrots, added some potatoes and cabbage, as well as raided the pantry and freezer for tomatoes, corn, green beans and okra.  Last night, I took some tomatillo salsa to a dinner party that I pulled together from last summer’s harvest that got stashed in a freezer.  I do love my freezers. 
I know there are things I needed to get done this weekend that I just ignored.  I know this week coming up is going to be another busy one.  Pat is headed out of town, so while I’m hopeful I’ll get something done in the evenings, I know better.  Edie has needed a little bit of extra attention this past week and I did spend a good bit of this weekend curled up with her – me, knitting, her reading.  I’m wondering if this is going to continue into the week…..I don’t mind, after all, being a mom is my most favorite thing in the world.  But sometimes my own space is good, you know?
Oh well.  The beauty of knitting is that I can sit and have my hot tea and eat popcorn and actually do something productive while feeling quite lazy.

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