For Jed.

I’m a big believer in divine intervention.

Months ago, Jed’s mother and sister announced the Jedediah Thomas Smith Memorial Luncheon with all proceeds to benefit the Four Diamonds Fund to help conquer pediatric cancer. Sadly, Jed lost his battle with pediatric cancer last January and Kristin & Savannah are holding this in honor of what would have been his 13th birthday. I wanted to do something to help and told them I’d donate something for the silent auction. It’s being held Saturday, October 2.

I have since then considered many ideas for this donation and in typical me fashion, have put them off time & time again. I’ve had all summer, but of course waited until the very last minute to sew anything. Worse, I confused the day I needed to have my item to Savannah. Sweet thing that she is, she said it was fine, she knew I would come through. (It was pre-Labor Day for those wondering.)

I promised myself I’d do it this weekend. I’m tired of it hanging over my head, I feel like I can’t get anything else done until I do this one. I spent yesterday canning oodles of tomatoes so today was it. IT.

First I had to clean up my cutting table. Instead of just moving the piles that had accumulated (mostly clothes that I have a bad habit of just throwing there), I folded and sorted and put them away. In the process, several quarters, Jed’s signature means of communicating, came flying out at me. OKAY, I got it I muttered to myself. Got the space cleared and got to work. I had the radio on and considered coming downstairs to get some new music. “Some Black Keys would be good, I’ll just run down and grab some to listen to” I thought to myself. Bingo! The Black Keys came on the radio. I figured Jed was politely trying to tell me to stop farting around and just get it done. So I did.
I knocked it out in about an hour. I realized I should just keep it simple, so I used some Laura Ashley purple toile I still have from making our master bedroom window treatments. It’s nice, durable fabric. And tomorrow I will mail it to Savannah, finally.

For more information on the luncheon or the Four Diamonds Fund, check out Savannah’s blog. In my humble defense though, it took months of putting this off and a missed deadline to really figure out what I thought would do well at the silent auction. Don’t you want one of these? I do think it turned out well if I say so myself.

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