Two in one day.

I had just finished posting about the dress I finished for myself when suddenly, someone decided she needed a new dress for the first day of school the next day. It was 4:15 in the afternoon and I was about to crack open a bottle of wine….but how can I say no to that?
So, in a burst of super productivity, I whipped this out.
It was going to be chocolate brown linen at first, then I realized that she is no longer of the size that I can scoop up remnant pieces from the fabric stores and whip it up into dresses for her. Her legs are simply too long. So, I reached into the stash for some purple linen that I’d been waiting to make something for me out of. Admittedly, I scooped it up on sale somewhere and made myself a skirt quite a while back, so I suppose I could share and make her something too. And purple is her favorite color now as well. I really should share.
And share I did. I whipped that thing out in a matter of hours – it’s really quite a simple dress and thanks to not only the stash, but my love of the color purple, I had everything on hand to do so.
She claims it’s ‘pretty good’, but a little too long. Given the way she grows, it might fit her halfway through next summer….she’s already told me how great it’s going to look with T-shirts and leggings underneath.
And as for the super-productivity required to make it as well as my dress? “It’s not like you’re that productive every day Mom.”
Thanks kiddo.

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