Nature 2, Me, 0.

I took the last antibiotic for my lyme’s disease last Wednesday morning. The night before, feeling my old energetic self, I cleaned up some of my flower beds from the last big storm. I hacked back the flattened daisies, ripped out some weeds, picked up alot of sticks and definitely did not notice what all I was grabbing, nor did I wear gloves. Came inside, wiped the sweat off me and watched a movie with my girl. Took a shower before I went to bed, but it was too late. By the next night, I was covered – arms, legs, belly, behind my knees, inbetween my fingers and worst of all, all over my face. The next morning, bright & early I was at the doctor’s office to get my steroid prescription, which then had me all over the place. The week before it was all I could do feed my family. This week? Well, I can’t sew or knit because of the poison and frankly, with Nature 2, Becky 0, I’m not itching to work in the yard right now, no pun intended, but man oh man, when that doctor warned me I’d be fighting the urge to clean out the attic at 2 am, she wasn’t kidding.
Instead, I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. Gumbo, zucchini bread by the batch, cookies, ratatouille….and finally catching up on some reading. Someone dared me I couldn’t finish “Infinite Jest”. I’ve been picking it up and putting it back down for long periods of time over the last year. This last week, I have read almost 400 pages of it, almost 200 of them in one day.
Not alot of crafting going on, but I have been enjoying sitting under a tree reading. Which might possibly be my most favorite thing of all to do and something that feels incredibly lazy at times. Maybe nature was telling me I needed to do that more.
Don’t mess with Mother Earth. Clearly.

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