Start AND Finish.

I love that my daughter has her own sense of style. And has had it since the very beginning. Unfortunately, that also means she can be very picky about what she wears. And lately, she’s not been content with alot of her clothing choices. So after a few mornings of going a few rounds about what she was wearing/not wearing to school today, I offered to make her a new shirt.
I used this pattern last summer and made it out of a white tissue weight linen. It was an easy pattern (a must for me) and it really flattered her. And, most importantly, I started and finished a project in two sittings, in less than a week. I don’t know why I like to stretch these things out, but that’s what I do.
I’ve had the ladybug fabric for a while – I know it came from the remnant bin at JoAnn’s eons ago. There wasn’t quite enough to make the whole blouse, so I used a plain white cotton on the yoke and it works. It works so well Pat didn’t even notice I had used two different fabrics. Most importantly, she couldn’t wait to wear it.

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