The second grade drove down to Natural Bridge today to see the sights, including the petting safari.

Last night being Ben’s birthday, we celebrated in grand manner, with chocolate cake and champagne for the adults, sparkling cider for the kiddos. I’ll admit, I had been slightly overserved, was up way past my bedtime and then got up early this morning to work out with a friend before getting everyone up early so we could pick everyone else up and get to school at 7:45 this morning to drive the hour and a half south. And in typical fashion, I was just running a wee bit slow, managed to spill my breakfast all over the front seat of the car in trying to pick up one kid and so ran into her mother’s kitchen yelling about can I have some paper towels please, then didn’t get enough, so I had to run back in a second time. I am so not a morning person. And I was not having a good morning. Managed to get to school only 10 minutes late and block the circle in front with my illegally parked car, keys in it of course, while I wandered around eating what was left of my breakast. The other mom I was carpooling with, commented that while she knew she was in for a fun day today, she had no idea it was going to be quite so wild. I think she liked that I had a thermos full of coffee with me. I think she would have liked it better had I not already put my sugar in it. I need my sugar in my coffee.

It calmed down after that. Okay, the wax security guards in the corners at the wax museum were a little unnerving and when they tell you a camel can rip a bucket of food out of your hands with it’s mouth and to be careful around them, you should listen. It was a busy, interesting day. Even if we didn’t get time to stop and visit Foamhenge. We’ll have to go back.

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