Taking a wee breath.

So Edie has had something to do everyday after school this week, except today. I’m working more so I feel like I have less time to do anything, what with all the running we do. And the weekend is not looking too much better. There seems to be an endless list of things to do outside, inside and around the house. Gifts to be made and sent for last month’s birthdays. I am just not capable of doing anything on time anymore it seems.
But today was too pretty. I did take some time and just soak it in. Look at that sky. The tulip magnolia in the front yard is starting to bloom. When that’s done, the dogwoods will be about ready to bloom. This is how I measure spring.
I still managed to bake brownies for tomorrow’s spring fair at school. And banana bread for around here because I haven’t baked them anything since last weekend and pickings are slim for breakfast.
Actually, I don’t think I have enough oatmeal for my breakfast tomorrow. Good thing I baked.

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