On a roll.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather is warm and I feel like I don’t need to spend all my energy keeping warm, or if it’s because I can see all the dust bunnies living right out in the open of my house with this more light and longer days of the approaching spring or if it’s because my dear babydaddy is not home and so therefore I have no one to hang out with so I might as well get some stuff done, but I have been a bundle of productivity lately. In a myriad of ways too. Over the weekend, I cleaned multiple closets out, actually scrubbed our bathroom down, worked in the yard AND found time to make things. I am very impressed with myself right now.

I made those lovely hoops for Edie for Valentine’s Day and finally got around to hanging them this weekend. (I also got around to hanging the lovely mirror she painted and gave me for Christmas. Clearly, we don’t hang things in a timely manner around here.) I had totally intended to make a whole collection of them, only to find that I could not find any wooden hoops around town the Friday before, so I grabbed what I had and used them. I think I ended up hanging them a little too far apart, which will force me make a few more for her, which I had originally intended, I just need to remember to look for some new hoops next time I’m out (that would be key, really). I filled them with a vintage linen napkin that had seen better days but was somewhat salvageable, a sheer green paisley that I thought would look divine on her pepto bismol pink walls and fabric from her great grandmother’s stash. Actually, it is a lovely lavender on lavender satin that was her grandmother’s prom dress. I just cannot take a decent picture of it and I’ve been trying for days. I’m going to fill in around what’s there, but I love she has family heirloom vintage scraps hanging on her walls. I’m pretty sure I have some more lying around here somewhere.

And, both sewing projects I did this weekend involved pieces from the big basket of unfinished projects/ironing. I am really proud of myself for finally tackling that. I need to finish one project (that required a trip to the store today, where I realized when I got home I totally forgot to look for wooden embroidery hoops, ARGH!), the other won’t get posted until someone returns from the Great White North. I gave myself a week to clear that pile out and while I haven’t met that goal, I really have been working on it a little bit at a time. Clearly, I am on a roll and I kinda like it.

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