Warming up.

So I realized that what I really like about Edie taking swimming lessons during the winter is that I get to sit in a (nice) warm environment and knit for a good 45 minutes. I have been freezing since last December. Every time I touch Pat & Edie, they tell me how cold my hands are. Apparently ice cubes have replaced them. The parents viewing loft at the pool is really humid and warm and I was loving it today.
I took a few projects with me to to work on. I went on this flower knitting kick a while back – no idea what I was going to do with them, just did them because I could. I pulled one out, put a button in the middle of it, sewed a bar pin on the back and voila, a fabulous little gift for a friend who’s having a birthday tomorrow. When I pull that kind of stuff off, I don’t mind having piles of unfinished projects lying around.
A woman who has a son in Edie’s class at school and a daughter in her swim lesson today sat there and talked to me during the lesson. I can’t say I know her very well, and so as we were talking about our kids and what kind of year they were having at school and all that other good getting to know you parent talk, I found myself admitting I have one child and she’s dreamy. Really, I sort of have the perfect child and she’s really got no complaints (except for the fact that we’re making her take swimming lessons and she has so many other things to do and really, we’ve overscheduled her once again…also, I’m a mean mommy and didn’t let her watch any tv today….) and so therefore, neither do I. As I sat there knitting in my little cardigan sweater, saying that, I wondered if I was coming across as smug and perfect and you know, one of those people that I sort of dread and wonder if they are really that perfect all the time. I mean, my kid’s not perfect, but I realize that she is quite dreamy in grand scheme of things and we are very blessed with her. And I hear quite a bit from people about how great my kid is and how I’m sort of spoiled by that and yes, I know it and openly admit to it. Of course as soon as I say that, my dreamy girl is doing the backstroke in a definite diagonal line across the pool and about to take out her swim instructor….
In other news around here, I noticed signs of spring trying to pop up in the back yard. The hellebore has buds. A crocus is starting to open. A daffodil has a bud shooting up. This long winter just might end after all. I started getting excited about being able to dig. And plant. I think I want to grow some tomatillos this year. I got some from William & Sally last summer and made some salsa and stuck it in the freezer and man, that was good stuff. I want to grow that myself this summer.
Edie is sleeping upstairs with me again tonight, so there will be no work in the happy corner this evening. We both miss daddy, so it’s okay. It’s nice to have someone warm to snuggle with. I think I’ll just go knit and watch some Olympics. Did I really tell myself I was going to knock out that pile this week? I did wash the ironing board cover in a procrastination move. Well, tomorrow is another day….

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