Just like mom used to make.

It’s official – my baby girl is a full fledged teenager now.  To celebrate, she wanted a cupcake decorating party, similar to what one of the local cupcake shops hosts, only she wanted it here, because according to her, my frosting is better than any cupcake shop in town.  Which makes me so irrationally happy I can’t stand it.  She is after all, a teenager now, so I am incredibly annoying, horribly embarrassing at times and other times just beyond ridiculous, but I still make the best frosting in town.  I call that a small triumph.

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Out and about.

Last week was a busy one here – there was a four day holiday weekend, which led to us lapsing at least just a little bit back into that lovely lazy Christmas holiday swing.  It was also birthday week here – Edie on Monday, Pat on Wednesday – so it really was like Christmas all over again with lots of celebrations, fantastic meals and desserts galore. This time around though, we went out for at least some of our celebrations.

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Branching out with success.

I freely admit that my pancakes suck.  I somehow manage to burn the exterior while leaving the interior raw, which is quite a skill, I know. (It’s also how my mother made chicken, so I like to think I come by that honestly).  I’ve had a few griddles over the years meant to improve this, including a wonderful cast iron double burner griddle that sadly, has not improved my pancake making abilities.  Waffles I can do, but pancakes? You really don’t want me making those. Continue reading

About that cabinet.

This blog post is dedicated to Abigail, who suggested it.

In my small kitchen with limited storage, where every single item save my cherry pitter have multiple uses, I have an entire half cabinet devoted to Koozie storage.  Yes, Koozies, those wonderful little insulators that keep your canned or bottled beverage cold.  I did not set out nor intend to have so much of my precious kitchen space devoted to these items, but like other things in life, sometimes that’s just how it goes. Continue reading

Currently in the canning pot.

The canning program I had taken the reins of for Market Central has morphed into what I’m now calling the “Small Business Program”.  To recap, I spent the end of last summer and all of last fall teaching a regular weekly canning class with the idea of recruiting and attracting individuals who were interested in learning to can as well as those who might be interested in starting their own canning business.  I knew going into it the latter goal was a lofty one, as I know first hand what hard, hot work canning is.  It requires a certain passion that’s hard to instill.  In addition this passion, one needs cooking skills, knowledge about food (and gardening to some extent, at least the knowledge of the effects of weather can be on a particular crop) as well as the ability to navigate the seemingly confusing food rules and relations, line up suppliers, market to buyers AND be able to keep up with the money flowing in and out.  There is quite a bit involved in starting a canning business and I wanted this program to address as much of it as I could. It’s one thing to learn to can, quite another to start your own business based on it. Continue reading

It starts with a walk….

Late last summer, I stumbled across this lamp on a walk around the block.

IMG_8756 (683x1024)Abandoned by the curb, it had a broken lampshade perched on top. Recognizing mid-century modern gold, I quickly grabbed it, ditching the broken shade and brought it home.  Pat rewired it, I found a burlap shade at the Habitat store, that while not ideal, was $2 and so therefore will work for the time being.  Continue reading