Every day a holiday.

It’s Earth Day.  That one day a year we’re supposed to stop and consider being nicer to this planet we call home.  There are all sorts of events scheduled to take part in this time of year where one can learn to conserve, to show your love of mother earth or just plant a tree. Being married to a Riverkeeper, I am often asked what we do to celebrate the day.

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Food in Charlottesville Jars.

If you’ve ever taken any of my canning classes, talked to me for more than say, two minutes about canning or read anything I’ve written in the past few years about canning, then you might have picked up that I’m a bit of a fan of Food in Jars.  I completely and totally credit the end of my years long struggle of making a decent batch of jam to Marisa McClellan, the woman behind both the blog and the cookbook. She introduced me to the concept of small batches – which also happens to be the subject of her latest cookbook, “Preserving by the Pint:Quick Seasonal Canning for Small Spaces“.  She was here in Charlottesville last night at The Happy Cook, where she demoed Honey-Sweetened Strawberry Jam, on the first stop of her southern book tour promoting her new cookbook.

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Spring, finally.

spring 442When we left here a week ago Sunday, it was snowing. We drove south, seeing more snow, in the snow, for a few hours.  Honestly, we were at the Tennessee state line before I stopped seeing little snow piles here & there – especially on the northern facing slopes of roofs.  By the time we stopped to gas up & stretch outside of Gatlinburg, the sun was out, the temps were warmer and we were starting to see those little hints of green that signify the arrival of spring. Continue reading

Turning the tables.

I’m convinced I’m the least read, most well known blog out there.  Everyone knows I blog, but no one I know seems to actually read it regularly.  I’m not complaining mind you – it’s sort of weird to put yourself out there and have virtual strangers walk up to you at school and tell you how much they liked that post you wrote where you admitted to pregaming PTO events.  Sometimes I think I prefer the readers I don’t know, because it’s much easier to put things out there when my audience is complete strangers and not people you run into around town. Continue reading