Spring, finally.

spring 442When we left here a week ago Sunday, it was snowing. We drove south, seeing more snow, in the snow, for a few hours.  Honestly, we were at the Tennessee state line before I stopped seeing little snow piles here & there – especially on the northern facing slopes of roofs.  By the time we stopped to gas up & stretch outside of Gatlinburg, the sun was out, the temps were warmer and we were starting to see those little hints of green that signify the arrival of spring. Continue reading

Turning the tables.

I’m convinced I’m the least read, most well known blog out there.  Everyone knows I blog, but no one I know seems to actually read it regularly.  I’m not complaining mind you – it’s sort of weird to put yourself out there and have virtual strangers walk up to you at school and tell you how much they liked that post you wrote where you admitted to pregaming PTO events.  Sometimes I think I prefer the readers I don’t know, because it’s much easier to put things out there when my audience is complete strangers and not people you run into around town. Continue reading

My first cookbook.

Picture 317The first cookbook I was ever given was the Nancy Drew Cookbook.  I think it was a Christmas present one year, but I can’t really be sure. I remember cooking breakfast out of it in the old farmhouse my parents sold when I was 7. The blue dot on the cover is a color of paint used for the sets one of my professors volunteered me to design for the Miss Glomerata pageant one year in college. (The Glom is the college yearbook that apparently required a beauty pageant in its honor.) I have no clue how it landed on the cover of my oldest & dearest cookbook.

Continue reading