It’s summer squash season.

Summer squash is every where this time of year. While it’s an easy addition to any meal,  I’m always looking for new ways to serve it to avoid everyone groaning at the answer of “squash, that’s what’s for dinner”. Inspired in equal parts by a summer squash recipe someone gave me years ago cut out of a magazine as well as one of my favorite lentil soup recipes, I whipped this up for dinner the other night.  It turned out so well that I grabbed the camera for a quick shot to share with you all.  We will definitely be eating this for dinner again soon and so should you.

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Granny’s Crab Soup

We took off to Baltimore this past weekend.  Generally I’m not so hot at making time to visit with anyone outside of the particular branch of the family tree we are staying with, but one of the beauties of summer is that we have enough wiggle room in our schedule to have long weekends.  Which means being able to make time to see people we really want to see.

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