The beverage of summer.

IMG_1342There are two quintessential Southern beverages – sweet tea and bourbon.  We are fans of both here, so while there is almost always bourbon on hand, sweet tea tends to only be around during the summer months.  I start making it at some point in May, storing it in my fiesta ware pitchers in the fridge, where it’s on hand until the weather starts demanding hot tea as an afternoon pick-me-up. Continue reading

The Dog Days of Summer

Anyone notice it took me more than a week to get around to responding to your comments on my last post?  That’s right, I am the sort of blogger who dares to unplug for days on end and then ever so slowly dips her toes back into it because man, being unplugged and avoiding the noise of the internet is delightful.


The view of the Cow Pasture River from behind the cabin where we stayed.

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And go.

IMG_1943I often hear I should sell my pickles, particularly after I’ve shared them with someone.  I’ve kicked around the idea, done some research, but have hesitated to actually move forward with it.  For starters, some of those pickles are work.  I don’t want to become such a success that I can’t continue to hand pack each jar, because I’m afraid my pickles will lose what has been called ‘the taste of love’. Continue reading

Live and in person.

IMG_1951I first discovered Suzicate’s blog, The Water Witch’s Daughter, while in the midst of getting sucked down one of those rabbit holes the interwebs are famous for.  Her writing struck a chord with me as her Virginia is for Lovers page gave away she was from the same state. I discovered she lived in Virginia Beach on the coast, but was from Nelson County, just south of here.  The more I got to know her, I realized we were creative kindred spirits and then some.  We picked at the same orchards. I was pretty sure we knew some of the same people and that our husbands would hit it off. Continue reading