It’s not all rainbows.

IMG_9960 (1024x683)This past Friday night found me home alone, as my family had taken off for different sides of the state with one in Williamsburg and the other in Lynchburg for their various activities.  What did I do with my glorious alone time?  Why I scrubbed out both showers, removing the shower heads to be soaked in vinegar, caught up on some netflix and had pop corn and ice cream for dinner.  Of course. Isn’t that what every forty-something wife and mother does when they get alone time? Continue reading


I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about today.  It has been a rather routine week  – not only our second one in a row, but our second ‘routine’ week since some time in January, which is surprisingly refreshing. There’s been no snow, no dinners of note, no one has been sick, everything that was scheduled has happened when it was supposed to with the exception of Edie’s soccer game last Saturday which was called on account of rain.  It was supposed to be the first game of the season, so not having it didn’t throw us out of a routine as much as it just put off starting our spring Saturday routine.

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