Strawberry Pickles, Take One.

A few weeks ago I posted a sneak peak from my day – a photo shoot I participated in with Sarah & Andrea of Beyond the Flavor with their post yesterday on pickling carrots  as the result.  The shoot itself was good practice for all the demonstrations I have lined up for myself this spring & summer, while writing the text gave me a chance to articulate everything I know about the process and gather my thoughts for what I want to talk about when doing said demonstrations. Continue reading


One of my favorite blogs is The Water Witch’s Daughter, written by SuziCate.  When I saw she was doing guest posts around the blogosphere promoting her new book, Stepping into the Wilderness, I immediately asked if she’d do a guest post here. Suzi’s blog never fails to inspire me – and this post is no exception.

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” ~Lou Holtz

You are extraordinary. You are gifted with talents which make you unique.

Stop the struggle against yourself. Believe in yourself. Let your talents guide you to a life of fulfillment.

Don’t allow your talents to lay wasted upon the ground.

Be courageous. Hone your craft. Release it to the Universe.

Success doesn’t mean your song has to hit the top ten charts. Success is singing your love song to the one who deserves to hear it. Success is not a best seller. Success is when your words touch someone’s life in a positive way. Success is not a masterpiece. Success is the resonance between the creation of the artist and the viewer. Success is simply giving what you have your best shot.

Use the gifts you were given to satisfy your soul. Use these gifts to bring joy to others.

Choose happiness. Spread cheer along your path of life.

Be who you are. Make your life count.